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A Magnet For Tourists From All Over The World

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Batumi is the second largest city in Georgia, the main tourist center of the country and as they say, “the Pearl of the Black Sea”.

Batumi serves as an important port and a commercial center. It is situated in a subtropical zone, rich in agricultural produce such as citrus fruit and tea.

While industries of the city include shipbuilding, food processing, and light manufacturing, most of its economy revolves around tourism.

There are a huge number of places to spend an incredible and remarkable time in Batumi and it does not depend on one’s purpose of visit. Here are a lot of nice places to arrange business meetings or spend business retreats with colleagues. Also, you can find co-working places to meet the right people to share your business ideas or who share the same worldview and interests as you.

Batumi offers a variety of restaurants and coffee-shops, bars and lounges, bungalows at the seaside, and terraces on the rooftops with marvelous views of the sea or mountains. It is the city where nobody might be hungry. Everyone can find the food they prefer to taste. It might be incredible local cuisine, or specific European or Eastern, Slaviс or Asian restaurants etc.

It is an amazing place to spend vacations with family or friends. A Huge number of attractions make every day of your vacation different and remarkable.


Batumi is unique for its location as well. If you and your friends cannot decide where to spend the summer, at seaside or in mountains with waterfalls, or near the forest and lakes, Batumi is the right choice for all of you. Based on its amazing nature, which is located on 200 km (80 sq mi), as it is the second largest city in the country, after the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, Batumi is famous for its beautiful Black Sea coast and mountainous forests. There is a wonderful wide boulevard that follows the seaside and is one of the main attractions of the city. It is full of beach bars, café-lounges, restaurants, amusement rides for children and various colorful and dancing fountains. In addition to unique vegetation, you will find in Batumi Boulevard many interesting sculptures and architectural monuments. 

Batumi Boulevard has a history of over a century. Its construction began in 1881. The development of the boulevard also owes much to Gordeziani, who studied in France and was appointed the manager of the City Park Boulevard in 1917. The first colorful dancing fountains of the Boulevard have been functioning since 1977. In 2009, the length of the Boulevard was significantly increased and now reaches 7 kilometers. The so-called New Boulevard was designed by a Spanish architect and built in accordance with the latest standards.


As an example, we made a weekly plan for you, where every single day of your visit is different from another, and makes the vacation interesting and entertaining.  But before scheduling the tour, we did some statistical research to figure out who those lucky people are who already visited Batumi. The data is very interesting. 

According to the National Statistics Office of Georgia (https://www.geostat.ge/en), most international tourists visiting Georgia in 2019 are 31-50 years old 46,4% (234.9 thousand); 15-30 years old are 27% (136.8 thousand); 51-70 years old 21.4% (123.57 thousand); and 71+ years old 2.1% (10.6 thousand). Data includes statistics of 15+ years old, non-resident visitors.


Most of the international guests in 2019 visited Adjara Region (21%) after the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi (37.9%). The rest is divided among the other parts of Georgia.

The purpose of visit, for most foreign guests are entertainment and recreation 43,5% (280 thousands); visit to meet friends and relatives 19.0% (122.4 thousands); transit to another country 16,1% (103.6 thousands); business purpose 10.8% (69.3 thousands); shopping 6.8% (43.6 thousands); medical treatment/recovery 1.8% (11.3 thousands); other reasons 2.1 (13.5 thousand). Data includes statistics of 15+ years old, non-resident visitors who participated in survey.


Number of visitors in hotels and hotel type enterprises in Adjara Region by country and purpose of arrival in 2018

From Georgia - number of visitors, persons - 1,050,929. Of which: recreation and rest - 665,116; business trip - 249,021; medical treatment - 11,579; other purpose - 125,213.

From EU countries - number of visitors, persons - 365,431. Of which: recreation and rest - 288,818; business trip - 36,152; medical treatment - 1,545; other purpose - 38,916.

From CIS countries - number of visitors, persons - 975,407. Of which: recreation and rest - 740,697; business trip - 124,271; medical treatment - 13,569; other purpose - 96,870.

From other countries - number of visitors, persons - 1,002,758. Of which: recreation and rest - 133,011; business trip - 133,011; medical treatment - 3,028; other purpose - 135,577.


Most visitors in 2019 are men, 60,8% and only 39,2% women.

Average number of visits in Georgia per month in 2019 are 643,8 thousand.

And the good point is that a huge majority were back in Georgia after their first visit. That means that they are excited about their first visit to Georgia and become fans of the country.

The percentage of second visits to Georgia in 2019 is 80.5%; First visits 19.5%.

When visitors are asked if they are satisfied or not after a visit to Georgia data shows positive results as well.

Most visitors in 2019 answered they are “Very Satisfied” with their visit to Georgia - 53.5% (344,7 thousand); “Satisfied” answered 37,3% of visitors (239,9 thousand); “Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied” - said 7,1% (45,7 thousand); “Dissatisfied” - 0,9% (5,5 thousand) and 1% “Very Dissatisfied” (6,4 thousand); and 0,2% (1,6 thousand) “I don’t know”.


More than 30 million nights were spent by international tourists in Georgia in 2019. Tbilisi and Adjara see the highest total nights among the regions. The length of stay is on the rise in the major tourist destinations, with average nights spent in Tbilisi up from 2.4 in 2015 to 3.6 in 2018, and nights spent in Adjara rising from 3.1 in 2015 to 3.5 in 2018. The average number of nights spent in Georgia in 2019 is 4.1.


Hospitality is the fastest growing industry in Georgia. It is confirmed not only with tourism statistics, but also with a big amount of international Investments in different kinds of hotels. According to the opinion of tourists, who vote with their pocketbooks, the most popular type of accommodations are the various types of hotels.

But surprisingly Batumi offers travelers a huge number of apartments, as alternatives to hotel rooms, and most of them are located along the New Boulevard, which is going to be amazing when it's completely built out. The New Boulevard section of Batumi is still under construction for a few more years and might not be the most comfortable place for guests who want to have a quiet, peaceful rest. Another point worth mentioning is that 70% of such kind of rental apartments are in new buildings, located in New Batumi, which is a little bit far from the Old Boulevard, and the center of the city, where all entertainment and business centers are gathered.

“The annual occupancy rates in branded hotels are the highest in the country, averaging at 70% in Tbilisi and 64% in Batumi. Rates and prices for economy hotels as well as in seasonal resorts are lower. We expect international tourism to grow at a slower tempo than accommodation supply in coming years, causing the country's occupancy rate to somewhat decline, stabilizing at circa 60% in the three years time” source - tbccapital.ge


To look at some up and coming luxury boutique hotels in Batumi, you might want to visit our main site: https://www.ruebushgroup.com/ and furthermore, you have the possibility to make an investment in such kind of hotel rooms and receive an impressive share of profit from every single booked night.

Hospitality industry in Batumi is developing into the direction of various tour offers.  There are different types of tourism one can meet in Adjara.

The 2019 edition of the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index by the WEF ranks Georgia 68th out of 140 countries, ranking high on the safety and security and health and hygiene sub-pillars. (Source: tbccapital.ge)

A state program “Film in Georgia” marked a major success in 2019, shooting parts of the first Hollywood project in the country.

MICE Tourism - numerous international, quality events that are regularly held in Batumi, has earned the region a leading place on the transnational market of MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibits). Modern and well-equipped infrastructure, delicious local and Asian cuisine, world-class services, and the charming environment all contribute to the development of this specific type of tourism in Adjara.

In addition to international brand hotels such as Radisson, Hilton, Sheraton, and Wyndham, local hotels offer essential infrastructure and services for high-level meetings, conferences, and exhibitions.

There are numerous annual tourism trade shows and events:

  • Expo Batumi - Batumi International Trade Fair for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • AgExBatumi - Batumi International Agri-Products and Technology Fair
  • Batumi Build - Batumi International Construction and Design Fair
  • Ruralconf.com- International Conference on Rural Tourism

Sea Tourism - Adjara seaside has a subtropical climate, 21 kilometer long coastline, warm sea of 21-29 Celsius on average, comfortable atmosphere, and distinctive nature. Besides leisure, Batumi resort has solar therapy and sea-salt baths to offer. The city is permeated with the scent of the sea, acacia, and magnolias. Even in the coldest month of the year, January, the temperature does not go lower than +7 to +10 degrees which is why you may visit Batumi at any time of the year.

But besides Batumi, there are other beautiful coasts with marvelous services in Adjara Region as well: Kobuleti, Tsikhisdziri, Chakvi, Mtsvane Kontskhi, Makhinjauri, Sarpi and Kvariati.

Ecotourism - Resident or migratory bird watching, observing terraces of humid subtropical forests, walking on sand dunes, swimming on a motorboat, visiting sphagnum swamps, ziplining, hiking to breathtakingly beautiful lakes, sightseeing of cultural monuments, monasteries and arch bridges, hiking or riding a horse to the extraordinary villages of Adjara - this is only a small list of ecotourism activities that Adjara protected territories offer.

Its four protected territories are all netted with hiking trails, bicycle paths, picnic spots and camping sites. The local landscape is suitable for hiking tours, horse riding, scientific and ecotourism. Its well-kept and pristine nature, lush green environment, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and protected territories - endemic and relict specimens, mountains close to the sky and the sea with its unique ecosystem is heaven for tourists with the specific preference of any of the above. Kobuleti, Kintrishi, Mtirala, and Machakhela protected territories, Batumi Botanical Garden, Green Lake, Goderdzi forest, sand dunes and a few other breathtaking places will be a new discovery for you.

Cultural Tourism - With its diverse historic-cultural monuments, festivals and cultural events, Batumi is a real discovery for cultural tourism lovers. Batumi always hosts some interesting cultural events. They might be sport tournaments, scientific events (symposiums, conferences, sessions, workshops, trainings, etc.), folk holidays, international film, music and photo festivals, fashion weeks and others. For example, in the last 10 years Batumi was visited by world scale stars like Jamiroquai, Macy Gray, Prodigy, Quincy Jones, Snoop Dogg, Aerosmith, Lauryn Hill, Joe Stone, De La Soul, Maroon 5, Sting, Erykah Badu and many others.

Adjara is also an archeological goldmine. In the 19th century Batumi was converted into a seaport and European architects started to build the city. Numerous buildings in Batumi were constructed using different architectural styles, all of which contribute to the city's distinctive and interesting aesthetic.

Here is a small list of events hosted in Batumi:

  • Batumi International Art-House Film Festival, "BIAFF" - September
  • International Festival of Animated Films, "Tofuzi" - October
  • Batumi International Classical Music Festival, "Night Serenades" (artistic director: Liana Isakadze - August)
  • Batumi International Classical Music Festival, "Batumi Music Fest" (artistic director: Eliso Bolkvadze) - July
  • Bird Watching Festival (September)
  • Batumi Street Art Festival
  • Rural Tourism Festival “Gandagana” (October)
  • Summer Festival (June)
  • International Festival of Advertising “Ad Black Sea”
  • Black Sea Folklore International Festival (August-September)
  • From Easter to Ascension (May-June)
  • Mono performances Festival
  • International Theatre Festival “Debut”
  • Orthodox Film International Festival “Saint Andrew’s Cross”
  • Batumi City Festival "Batumoba" - September

Batumi and Adjara are full year touristic zones. Travelers can enjoy not only mild, subtropical, sunny summer times, but for those who cannot receive their necessary vitamin D in summer, Batumian “velvet September” is always ahead. For a large number of guests, resting at seaside resorts in September is even more comfortable and pleasant. For sure, the Black Sea coast is a must visit place in September, because the September sun is not so hot, the sea is warm and clean, and laying on the beach is more pleasant than sometimes it is on hot Summer days.

Spend velvet season in Batumi, which is a guarantee of the most comfortable vacation, approved by the influential edition of Forbes while including our magical resort in their top 5 list of the best places to relax during so called “velvet season”.  To make this season even more comfortable and pleasant, we have a collection of incredible places to stay in Batumi at our booking site: #BookingBatumi.com

Ski Tourism Winter in Batumi and Adjara are also amazing. Since Adjara opened its winter resort, the region has become a 4 seasons resort zone. Ski resort ‘Goderdzi’, located 2350m above sea level, receives over 20 000 guests per year. Abundant in snow, the skiing season opens relatively early and ends late, compared to other ski resorts. Beautiful views, clean air, and well-groomed skiing trails attract many skiers. Amongst those, who are keen on crossing unmarked snow, the untouched, snowy slopes of the resort evoke excitement. The ski season starts on Goderdzi in early December. Its ski-trail length is 8 km, with two types of cable roads - one with a cab that accommodates 8 people and another a bubble which takes in 6 people. You can rent a ski, a sled, or a snowboard here, as well as an instructor’s service.

As we promised in the beginning of the article, we offer you, in our opinion, one of the most interesting ways to visit Batumi, which we called “Discover New Places”.

Day 1 - morning. Visiting the sea, to receive some vitamin D, swimming and sunbathing.

Midday - today you should taste some local food, at the bungalow at a seashore restaurant.

After midday - it's time to go and walk down the Batumi streets, visit a museum, for example Contemporary Art Space of Batumi.

Then you have some dinner in the center of the city, next street over from the museum.

You should visit - Batumi Boulevard in the evening. This evening, there might be an incredible music event, with cocktails, perfect music, dance floor etc.

Night - of course you are not going to sleep till the morning. There are still a lot of nightclubs opened in Batumi, so let us have a fun whole night, today!

Day 2 - morning. Not definitely morning, but a kind of. It’s almost midday (after all night party), so it’s time to have some Batumian coffee with ice-cream; please taste it on any occasion, you should taste it, even once a life, and then continue your sugar free, or gluten free lifestyle again (nobody minds). And what about some lunch? Today Greek or Georgian salad and some nuts might be enough, oh and water and fresh juice (not to forget).

After lunch you need some fun and at almost 4 o’clock it's time, when dolphin shows start in Batumi dolphinarium!

After the show, it’s time for shopping!

Evening - today we decided to offer you to dress your new, just bought, beautiful dress and spend the evening in a rooftop restaurant, with amazing views, beautiful live music and nice atmosphere.

Day 3 - You are rested, satisfied and happy on this sunny morning at the seaside. So today it’s a perfect day to take some active rest and visit mountainous Batumi. Make some hiking, camping, visit beautiful waterfalls, lakes, and forests.

Day 4 - Did you know? In Batumi you can visit the lake and the beautiful park in central Batumi and then spend the afternoon strolling along cobblestone streets throughout the Old City, tasting wines and cheeses at various shops. In the evening, visit a live music show and watch famous Georgian dancing.

Day 5 – nobody can leave Batumi without visiting Batumi Botanical Garden and spending the whole day there. If You stay at #RuebushGardens, you are lucky, because it’s located next to the Botanical Garden, but if you don’t, don’t worry, you will get there in 15 minutes from the center of the city by car. Even one day might not be enough to spend at this incredible place, but if you only want to spend a half day there, after you can go to the Batumi fish market to buy some fresh fish and seafood, and then the cooks will prepare it right in front of you. Spend the evening sitting on the pier and eating fresh fish.

Watching sunrise on the coast is one of the most remarkable moments in life. Do not miss it within your trip in Batumi.

And in the late evening, if you walk to your boutique-hotel you will meet various amazing street shows in Batumi. And here you are! Surprisingly, you discovered that a perfect live music event is arranged in your boutique-hotel within the lounge full of various types of incredible Georgian wine.

Day 6 – Today your day will also be full of activities. In the morning you do some bicycling on the seaside boulevard. Then have fun wakesurfing. Another attraction is the Batumi Paragliding, which is one of the most exciting amusement rides. The parachute with the help of a boat on the waves of the Black Sea gives you an unsurpassed view.

In the midday - you need some calm down lunch, reading an interesting book or listening to the sea or music.

An evening boat cruise is the most romantic way to spend the evening in Batumi. And after you can go to Piazza square to have a lovely late evening or night with friends or meet new nice people there.

Day 7 – have you already bought some souvenirs for your friends and family members? Oh yes, you had some shopping the previous days.

Then today you can go sunbathe in Chakvi – to discover one more new coast in Batumi and add some golden tone to your skin. Afterward you can capture some memorable photos with interesting historical monuments in the center of the city and in the evening, visit dancing fountains along the New Boulevard.

And oh! It is almost time to go to the railway station not to miss the train, but still there are so many things you didn’t get to do in Batumi, places to visit and entertaining locations to spend a marvelous time.

It’s OK. You can do more next year, when you come back to the city. You go to your cozy room in your nice boutique hotel to pack your luggage and call the taxi.