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Elene is a successful communications specialist. She enjoys life and is fond of discovering new places. She is always ready for new challenges, adventures and meeting new people. Ellen started her first blog when she was a student. Now, she is in love with writing. “When finding out some interesting facts or discovering some new places I can't wait to share it with people, especially when it might be something useful or interesting, or something positive, even if it just makes one smile”. To answer some brief questions: Eat - Adjarian Khachapuri; Love - Life, Sea and the Sun; Pray - for Health. She believes that curiosity is the thing that drives progress. That’s why when she is interested in a topic she will find it through thick and thin. That's why you will find in her blogs not only interesting creative content, but all kinds of statistics and analytics. Market researches and marketing overviews. And if one needs some volunteers to plant trees, clean the planet, do some social work like helping elders or prepare some performances for children, here she is!

Adjara Region Waterfalls

Discover Adjara

Adjara is well-known as one of the most beautiful regions in Georgia, Adjara is situated in southwest Georgia on the Black Sea coastline. It is spread over 3,794 sq.km. along the Black Sea with a population of about 349,000 people. Adjarian (origins of Adjara) are an ethnographic group of Georgians living mainly in south-western Georgia. They speak Georgian but some of them still use the local dialect, but if you speak Georgian, you understand it easily. The written language is also Georgian. The main percentage of Adjarians are Georgians, but still there are a lot of minorities living in the region: Russians, Armenians, Pontic Greeks, etc.

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