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Larry Strawson

Larry is originally from Edmonton Canada. He has been an Investment Advisor at Ruebush Hospitality Group since 2017. He has a deep understanding of commercial real estate, especially hotel and vacation property developments. If you are looking for a high yield investment that carries very low risk, you should talk to him. He will show you how investing in hotel rooms is one of the most profitable ways to get into the low-risk category of commercial real estate.

Now is the Best Time to Invest in Hotel Rooms

Why NOW Is The Best Time To Invest In Hotel Rooms

Saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a lot of uncertainty into all of our lives over the past year would be putting it mildly. Economies around the world are struggling, small businesses shutting down, or fighting to stay afloat, large corporations are downscaling, the airline and hospitality industries are counting catastrophic losses after barely a year of travel limitations.

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