#1 Choice for High-Yield, Low-Risk Real Estate Investing

If you’re looking for a safe, high-yield low-risk real estate investment that will yield a fast return, buying a hotel room is the best choice you can make.

Low Risk Real Estate Investing

Everyone wants a high-yield investment, but few people really want to take a lot of risk. Especially with real estate. What if I told you there is a very good place to find high-yield, low-risk real estate investments in pretty much any budget. Did you know that you can build wealth and income by investing in hotel rooms?

If you haven’t heard of hotel room investing, you’re not alone. Even though it is a tried-and-true strategy that is used worldwide, many people have never heard of it. Hotel room investing is similar to investing in short-term rentals, but instead of owning a residential property that you rent out to vacationers, you own rooms in a hotel. Each month, you get a share of the hotel’s profit based on how many rooms you have invested in.

If you are looking for a safe investment that still has a high rate of return, hotel room investing is the strategy to consider. It has the ability to bring in significant profits with a guaranteed return on your investment! At Ruebush Hospitality Group, we’ve been experts in this niche for many years, and we are currently working on some exciting developments that offer incredible benefits to investors. We are the go-to source for low-risk real estate that produces dependable profits.

Here are the answers to our most frequently-asked questions about this lucrative sector of the hospitality real estate market.


Short-term vacation rentals like Airbnbs are a very popular form of real estate investing right now. However, they are not actually considered a low-risk real estate investment. Here in Batumi, Georgia, rental yields have been steadily decreasing over the past few years. While there is a healthy flow of tourism in this region, we are also seeing a surplus in rental apartments in Batumi.

Published in June 2020, the most recent PMC Research tourism update for the country of Georgia shows an increase in the hotel price index throughout the summer of 2020. The average cost of a 4-star hotel room in Georgia was 223 GEL per night, whereas the average cost of a daily rental apartment was just 73 GEL per night. For 5-star hotel rooms, the average cost was 322 GEL per night. When it comes to yields, hotel room investors will benefit from the fact that guests are willing to pay higher prices for a hotel experience.

Did you know we started our business developing Airbnb type apartments? We began investing in hotel rooms in Batumi instead of apartments because several factors encouraged us to change our strategy and shift our focus. After several years of experience, we realized vacation apartments are not low-risk real estate. We strongly believe the return on investment for daily rental apartments will continue to fall, while the return on investment for boutique hotel rooms will continue to rise.

Hotel Rooms Are Low-Risk Real Estate With High Yields
High Yields From Hotel Rooms


As compared to managing several separate vacation rental properties, the costs of managing a hotel are much lower. Housekeeping staff, guest services professionals, and maintenance staff can work much more efficiently under one roof, because they can complete all their tasks in the same building instead of accounting for travel from one rental unit to the next. Thanks to efficient operations, hotel room investors can enjoy higher yields.

As a professional business, a hotel is a commercial enterprise that is often fully insured, staffed, and most likely has professional security and maintenance. Efficiency allows a hotel to produce higher yields, but professional management in a commercial enterprise makes a hotel room a low-risk real estate investment.


In general, luxury and boutique hotels are the safest types to invest in. Not only do upscale hotels tend to have the highest occupancy rates, but they can also command a higher price point by offering high-end accommodations in premium locations. And premium locations are an important factor when seeking a low-risk real estate investment.

Luxury hotels come in all shapes and sizes, from small exclusive hotels to giant luxury skyscrapers. Boutique hotels are small – usually containing fewer than 100 rooms – and they feature unique, upscale accommodations. Each boutique hotel provides a one-of-a-kind experience, so guests feel like they are getting personal, individualized care. Luxury boutique hotels tend to generate the highest revenue per room, making them a better investment.


From holiday-goers to business travelers, there are always people who need to stay in a hotel. Hotels have a reputation for being a strong investment because the demand is steady and the profits are dependable.

As a hotel room investor through Ruebush Group, you will enjoy extra stability. Since profits are divided from the hotel as a whole instead of being dependent on your particular room, you will receive a stable income from one month to the next.

When you invest through Ruebush Group, we guarantee that you will get a return on your investment. We are confident in our ability to produce returns! We do everything we can to mitigate risks for our valued investors and we even offer income guarantees and buy-back guarantees. We offer truly high-yield, low-risk real estate investments in Batumi for any budget.

Hotel Room Investing Return On Investment
Hotel Room Investing Return On Investment


For our boutique hotel properties, we currently project a yearly ROI between 18% and 20% based on historical performance and market outlook. After successfully operating in this niche for many years, we are confident that our strategies can produce above-average returns for investors!


Across the board, it’s no secret that hotels have high growth potential. For example, from 2009 to 2017, US hotel gross bookings jumped from $116 billion USD to $185 billion for a compound annual growth rate of 6%. International hotels are growing at a similar rate. While it is a competitive industry, innovative hotel brands are poised for growth well into the future.

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