Why NOW is the Best Time to Invest in Hotel Rooms

Smart people know now is the best time to invest in hotel rooms while prices are low. Don’t jump on the bandwagon too late when prices are already high.

Why Now Is The Best Time To Invest In Hotel Rooms

Saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a lot of uncertainty into all of our lives would be putting it mildly. Economies around the world are struggling, small businesses shutting down, or fighting to stay afloat, large corporations are downscaling, the airline and hospitality industries are counting catastrophic losses after massive travel limitations. But we think these are part of the reasons NOW is the best time to invest in hotel rooms.

While we’re trying to stay safe within the confines of our homes, it might be almost effortless to grid to a halt in the face of uncertainty and become a mere observer within our own lives as well. It might be tempting to keep our riches secure, take our money out of investments, stick it under the mattress, and sit on it until the scary virus goes away and we can travel to beautiful holiday destinations again.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in the current climate, I empathize with your feelings. But I’m also here to remind you that while the global tourism market is down, major hotel brands are in distress, and very few competitors are entering the space, or expanding their operations – There. Are. Opportunities. Everywhere.

You just have to be smart about where to put your money.

Hotel Rooms Are Great Long-Term Investments
Hotel Rooms Are Great Long-Term Investments

Hotel rooms are a tangible investment that play the long game.

They are a sub-set of commercial real estate that is generally thought to be lower in risk and safer than other income generating investments. Truly, one of the most hands-free investments you can make, hotel rooms deliver monthly income, without requiring any management on your part. As fully developed commercial real estate, your investment will run at a premium price, and appreciate in value far beyond residential real estate.

You might wonder, with the hospitality industry in distress, is it really feasible for hotel developers such as Ruebush Hospitality Group to deliver on their promises?

The definitive answer is yes. Ruebush Group has several strategies in place to ensure maximum occupancy come hell, COVID-19, or high water.

Ruebush Group develops boutique and lifestyle properties that vary in style, cater to specific demographics, and are contained to a smaller number of rooms to ensure the highest possible yields for our hotel room investors.

Different as they are, Ruebush Group projects have all been created with the big picture in mind. Their facilities support each other, and create a network of lodging, dining, culture and entertainment that can keep visitors engaged and entertained for a longer stay.

While major hotel chains have been struggling to fill their hundreds of rooms, and push their occupancy past single digits over the past few months, Ruebush Group switched tactics to accommodate the premium segment of domestic travelers during the Summer 2020 season. Even while the country’s borders remained closed, we produced an average of 75% occupancy for our clients over June, July, August, and September.

Hotel Room Co-Ownership
Profit From Hotel Room Co-Ownership

The entrance point has never been so low, and financing terms have never been so flexible.

While the real estate market remains strong overall, the pandemic has caused a slight 1% to 5% decline in property prices in Batumi. Property developers are well aware of the caution with which people approach investments during this turbulent time. So while the real estate value remains solid, the entrance point to the market is at an all-time low.

You can now buy a share of a luxury hotel room for as little as $250/month.

And if you’d rather own an entire room all to yourself, you now have a plethora of financing options available for you to choose from.

With a negotiable down-payment, and financing up to 120 months, without any yearly interest rate, hotel room investments have never been more accessible than they are now.

Ruebush Group guarantees the security of every investment across the board. From $250/monthly, all the way up to $1 million cash or beyond. Your investment is secure, and the title deed can be registered in your name. We believe in protecting the investments of each one of our clients, so not only do we guarantee your monthly income, but we also warrant to buy back your investment for more than the original price.

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