Batumi is a Party Town but Buying Real Estate in Batumi is NOT all Fun and Games

With at least ten big casinos and as many as thirty smaller ones, Batumi has certainly earned its nickname “The Las Vegas of the Black Sea”. Situated 15 kilometers from Turkey, where gambling is illegal, the draw of this town is strong for those keen to roll dice late into the night. At Ruebush Group we have several very clearly defined principles to minimize risk when investing in Batumi real estate – some of which are very specific to this city – which we have learned over ten years here, and our dealings with hundreds of properties.

Invest In Hotel Rooms Instead Of Apartments In Batumi

Hotel Room Investing

Investing in Hotel Rooms Instead of Apartments in Batumi

Ruebush Hospitality Group started its business during the peak of the real estate boom in Batumi. We advised our clients in selecting optimal properties to invest in, we carried out all finishing construction works, and provided a full rental management service. Well into our third year of operations we started to observe several factors that encouraged us to change strategy for future development and shift our focus from daily rental apartments to developing boutique hotels.

Buying A Share Of A Hotel Room

Hotel Room Investing

Buying A Share of A Hotel Room. How Does It Work?

Thinking about buying a share of a hotel room? We’ve got answers to your most asked questions about hotel room co-ownership. What is a hotel room share? How do I buy one or more? What kind of return on my investment can I expect?