Investing in Batumi Real Estate is Smart. Investing in Batumi Hotel Rooms is Smarter.

Looking for a profitable investment? Investing in Batumi real estate is smart. But to earn more, there is a much smarter investment that can produce dependable hands-free passive income.

Investing In Batumi Real Estate Is Smart

Hotel room investments in boutique hotels are the best investments you can make if you are thinking about investing in Batumi real estate – and the well-established Ruebush Group is the only developer specializing in hotel room investments of this kind.

Batumi, a Black Sea resort and port city boasting well-developed infrastructure, a waterfront promenade, parks, beaches, and warm weather, is a growing real estate market. Foreign investors worldwide continue to make the most of property opportunities in this much sought-after location, sending real estate investment prices soaring and property profits enjoying higher hikes than in 20 years.

Adding to this ever-profitable real estate market in Batumi are hotel room investments. Not to be construed as condos or apartments, hotel room investments are what they are called – hotel rooms in boutique hotels. Brought to market by the well-established Ruebush Group, the only developer specializing in hotel room investments of this kind, these hotel rooms embody all the luxury and convenience property investors would find in a five-star hotel. This property type has now been made permanently available to investors and hotel room owners seeking to enjoy comfortable living or profitable nightly rentals.

Other developers in Batumi sell apartments, condos, apartment hotels, and aparthotels, which are sometimes considered ‘hotel rooms’ by investors. Hotel room investments from the Ruebush Group are actual hotel rooms in boutique hotels.

Investing In Batumi Hotel Rooms Is Smarter
Investing In Batumi Hotel Rooms Is Smarter

Quality Investments

The Ruebush Group is proud to be the leading property company and developer in Batumi to offer genuine hotel rooms with a permanent title deed. Hotel rooms do not fall under the typical “Airbnb” style investments offered by other developers. Other property owners hire management companies to rent out their “Airbnb” style investments, while Ruebush Group handles the management and investors earn profits from their bookings. This is possible with the title deed registered permanently with the hotel room owner.

Luxury hotel rooms produce better monthly income and improved occupancy rates, which makes them a more stable investment in Batumi compared to anything currently available on the local real estate market.

Interest in boutique hotels is specifically increasing for both business and leisure travelers, according to research by JLL, a leading professional services firm that specializes in real estate and investment management. This is partly due to the focus on sustainability from both travelers and the industry – especially in the wake of the corona virus pandemic. Boutique hotels are perfectly positioned to accommodate travelers in this regard as they are more responsive to their clients’ needs and to those of the market.

As such, investors have a unique opportunity to diversify and generate stable cash flow within the hospitality market. Hotel room owners can experience solid income in the longer term when compared to other property segments within Batumi’s residential real estate.

While considered more expensive, the capital required for these hotel rooms sees a faster return on investment and in greater financial abundance.

Choosing The Right Hotel is Critical When Investing in Batumi Real Estate

And while all this would interest any real estate investor, it is important for investors to buy into boutique hotels and ensure that the hotel room opportunity is an actual hotel room and not an apartment or condo. Investing in Ruebush Hotels, an actual hotel developer and operator, allows investors to make the most of their bespoke hotel room and manage their rentals and profits easily.

These hotel rooms boast a minibar and all the convenience of room service as experienced in top hotels. Add to this a stylish reception, concierge, pools, pampering spas, fitness facilities, conference and meeting facilities, ballrooms, restaurants and bars, these full-fledged boutique hotels, and their individual rooms are perfectly positioned for profitable investing in a real estate location which will continue to rise in popularity, value, and growth.

Property investors seeking to invest in smart real estate in Batumi can make the smarter choice and contact the Ruebush Group. With nine years’ experience in the real estate market, Ruebush Hospitality Group assists local and foreign property investors in making the smartest property choices.

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