Short-term Rentals are Great But Investing in Hotel Rooms is Better. Here’s Why.

Do you want to start buying short-term rentals, but you have limited capital and experience? Investing in hotel rooms may be the perfect solution!

Short-Term Rentals Vs Hotel Rooms

There are many reasons to choose hotel room investing over other types of real estate investing. You’ll diversify your portfolio and get free accommodations while on vacation, all without doing any of the heavy lifting. For these reasons and more, we highly suggest that you consider hotel room investing. Here are a few of the little-known benefits of investing in hotel rooms!

Investing in hotel rooms is accessible, even if you don’t have millions of dollars.

Do you want to get into real estate investing, but you have limited capital and experience? Buying a luxury hotel in Europe is likely out of reach, but investing in a single hotel room may be the perfect solution!

Many people invest in single-family homes, condos, or apartments to be used as short-term rentals. They list the property on Airbnb, VRBO, or other vacation rental sites and earn money from each booking. This can be a great opportunity, but investing in residential property can be expensive. This is especially true in desirable, tourist-friendly areas with high real estate costs. It’s no coincidence that most of the world’s most expensive places to buy property are also major tourist magnets.

With hotel room investing, you only have to purchase a portion of a property instead of the entire thing. If you aren’t looking to invest an enormous sum in a residential property, then hotel rooms are something for you to consider. Additionally, you aren’t required to have experience as a landlord, because the hotel management will take care of all the details for you.

At Ruebush Hospitality Group, we are currently developing boutique properties that each cater to specific demographics. We will find the perfect option for you, no matter your budget or goals. You can start your Investment with a low initial payment and complete it with interest-free monthly payments.

Hotel Rooms For Sale
Hotel Rooms For Sale

Unlike investing in residential property, it’s a completely hands-off investment.

When you own short-term rentals, there are lots of responsibilities: managing your finances, advertising the property, taking care of repairs and maintenance, and more. Many people who own Airbnbs or VRBOs hire a property management company, but it’s often still a time commitment for the property owner. Sometimes, managing the property management company becomes a job in itself!

But when investing in hotel rooms, you won’t have to worry about anything. It’s a hands-off investment that doesn’t require any of your time or energy. The hotel will take care of everything, and you can just sit back and collect your income.

You can easily invest in international property when investing in hotel rooms.

Owning property in different parts of the world is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio. When you have assets in different parts of the world, you aren’t concentrating your funds all in one place. Your financial advisor will approve! Investing internationally also offers a whole world of opportunity. When you look beyond your local real estate market and consider investing across the globe, the opportunities are endless!

Batumi, Georgia is a very safe place to invest in international property. Georgia is a beautiful country with rich history, stunning seaside views, and subtropical weather. As the second-largest city in Georgia, Batumi is known as the “Pearl of the Black Sea”, and it attracts people from all over the world. Real estate investors find Batumi to be a lucrative option for international real estate investing. At Ruebush Group, we make it simple to invest in the most desirable hotels in Batumi!

You can get free accommodations on holiday.

While there are many financial advantages to investing in hotel rooms, there’s also a personal advantage: personal usage rights as a part of your investment. As the owner of a hotel room, you can stay in the hotel for free! It’s an excellent excuse to take a vacation with family or friends.

When you invest in a hotel room with Ruebush Hospitality Group, you can enjoy the beauty of Batumi with free luxury accommodations. You will love the seaside views, the peaceful beaches, the gorgeous architecture, and the rich culture of the area!

It’s a low-risk investment with guaranteed returns.

Many forms of real estate investing are considered low risk because property tends to increase in value over time. When you work with Ruebush Hospitality Group to invest in hotel rooms, you’re taking on even less risk. We have guaranteed options that include guaranteed income and even guaranteed resale profits.

Invest in lucrative international real estate through Ruebush Group and experience the chance to generate profits from afar.

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